Mark William – 7-Figure Facebook Ad Copy Templates

What You Get:
Template #1
Call Out Their Desires
What your prospects desire isn’t impossible but they don’t know that yet – let them know that your offer is the only solution.

Template #2
Pain vs. Desires
Use this to agitate your prospect’s problems and show them why it doesn’t have to be this way through benefit-driven statements.

Template #3
Paint A Picture
This template is designed to paint a vivid picture of your prospect’s desired outcomes and sets your offer up as the #1 solution to achieve that.

Template #4
Why Us/Why We’re Better
Highlight your unique mechanism – the “secret sauce” that no other can replicate – it’s the reason why your customers buy from you and no one else.

Template #5
People Can’t Get Enough!
Let your customer do the selling for you – take advantage of social proof to build trust and credibility among prospects.

Template #6
Fear-Based Copy
Target your prospect’s fears by stating a shocking fact/statistic related to the problem they’re facing.

Template #7
Pain-Based Copy
The PAS formula (Problem, Agitate, Solve) at its finest. After your prospects read this, they’ll be reaching for their wallets ready to give you their money.

Template #8
Long-Form Testimonial
A short and sweet template that uses the power of social proof to turn prospects into loyal customers.

Template #9
Use Their Own Questions
You can’t go wrong with this template. It’s probably the most common ad copy style on Facebook.

Template #10
Benefit + Feature
A simple, benefit-driven copy that speaks for itself. Show how each feature will deliver a specific benefit to your customers.

Template #11
Be Controversial To Catch Attention
Use this template to instantly grab your prospect’s attention and force them to read through your whole copy.

Template #12
Imagine This
This template heavily relies on future-pacing to put your prospects in the right mindset to buy.

Template #13
Stories Sell
Think of this template as a friendly conversation between two people.

Template #14
Back In Stock!
This template convinces your prospects to buy right NOW in fear that stock will run out again soon.

Template #15
For A Fraction Of The Price
Use this template to break down how much your prospect is going to save in comparison to other competitors/alternatives.