Jordan GMB Master Academy

Underground Maps King Finally Reveals Closely Guarded Tactics Used To Dominate Local Markets
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Jordan here from GMB Master Academy and I wanted to quickly thank you for stopping by. I know a lot of you may not know me and there’s a good reason for that. You see, throughout my entire career I have been completely underground, making a ton of money from lead gen and client work in some of the toughest niches on the planet. It’s only recently (due to a number of colleagues begging me to train them because they’ve seen what I can do in the field) that I decided to put this maps course together.

Jordan GMB Master Academy
Look… You know as we as I do that map listings are the end all be all when it comes to generating REAL customer leads on a local and even national basis. But how do you consistently, without a shadow of a doubt pop your listings to the top every time? How do you systematically know that you can generate leads in any niche, no matter the level of competition?
Simple… you just take my time tested, proven strategies and put them to work. Follow the process that I lay out for you and I really don’t see how you won’t succeed (and I truly believe that, no BS).
Now, again I know you don’t know me because I’ve been so far underground for so long, but believe me when I tell you this – If you take the time to master just 1 or 2 techniques that I’m revealing in GMB Master Academy, I don’t see how you can’t drastically increase your income over the next year.
What’s Included in GMB Master Academy?
What will be covered?
Here’s just a small sample of what we’ll be covering in GMB Master Academy:
Proper Campaign Set Up (Start to Finish)
Over the Shoulder Campaign Walk Through
Proper GMB Optimization
Proprietary, In-House Methods designed to SkyRocket Your Rankings
How to Build a PPL Empire
The Right Way to Do Citations
Advanced! Citation Stacking
Complete Page 1 Domination Tactics
Systemized Link Building Methods
EXACTLY Where and When to Point Your Links
Proprietary Tiered Traffic Methods
A Step by Step Methodoligy
TOP SECRET: How to Grab a Map Pin Without an Address
Module 0: Righting all the Wrongs
We need you to start with a solid base so we will be clearing up all misconceptions that you’ve been taught by other so-called gurus.
Module 1: Proper GMB Optimization
Learn the right way to optimize your GMB listing, reviews, and posts to put you well ahead of the competition right out of the gate.
Module 2: Entity/Brand Building
As a foundation to any link building campaign, we will show you how to quickly and easily establish your brand in the eyes of Google so they recognize you as the brand in your area (AKA top rankings).
Module 3: Citation Stacking
Learn Jordan’s proprietary citation stacking methods that he uses to supercharge his GMB listing.
Module 4: Niche/Geo Power Links
Take it to the absolute next level with our advanced niche/geo relevant power links designed to rapidly boost both map and organic rankings.
Module 5: Automate Your Link Building
Automate your link building efforts with our complete set of tools and tactics that will allow you to work on (not in) your business.
Module 6: Utilizing Traffic
Learn how to properly use real traffic to give you an unstoppable advantage.
Module 7 (BONUS): Master Pin Manipulation Tactics
We can’t believe Jordan is releasing this, but learn how to drop your own map pin in almost any location. Any PPL company knows this skill is worth its weight in gold!
Module 8 (BONUS): Complete Resource Section
Further optimization and outsourcing tactics will be discussed as well as who WE personally follow in order to stay well ahead of the competition.