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What Would You Pay For The $21.7 Billion Man To Show You His… #1 Business Building Strategy…
That Reveals How YOU Can Persuade Business Owners To Give You A Handsome, Recurring Profit From Their Companies… Without Using Your Own Capital, Time, Or Resources

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This Works In Virtually Any Industry, With Almost Any Product, In Nearly Any Economy — Whether You Already Own A Business Or Are Just Getting Started!

Creating Your Own Business Success
Discover How To Grow, Scale, & Maximize Your Profits To Any Size Without Needing Extra Capital In This “A-Z” Marketing Home Study Course

In each thought-provoking and action-oriented module, I cover a very specific topic related to successfully starting and growing your business to monumental levels.

Each module has been carefully designed to cover the most important and complete concepts, methodologies and strategies required for success.

These concepts have been hand-picked by myself and deemed as the highest and most relevant for fast-tracking your next big business breakthrough.

Module 1: Installing & Instilling The Entrepreneur’s Mindset
This module is designed to install and instill in you, the entrepreneur’s mindset. To take you from wherever you are right now, to a different mental model, a different paradigm. Here you are going to learn a different way of thinking of yourself and the vast world around you. Jay will show you how to think, act and transact business like a successful entrepreneur.

Module 2: Drivers of Performance
This module is designed to help you recognize what Jay calls, “The drivers of performance.” These individual drivers are some of the key contributing factors for your success or lack thereof. You’ll need to be fully aware and strategizing on a constant and consistent basis to use them to propel you forward. If you are not doing so, you’re leaving it up to luck/chance or factors beyond your awareness that most likely won’t be in your favor. You’ll learn how to maximize your performance and output for each and every action you take directly/indirectly again through understating “The drivers of performance.”

Module 3: The Entrepreneur’s Template
In this module, Jay shares with you the details of templated processes for what you need to do right away, and how you should be using whatever you should be doing right now to move yourself to a higher ground. This module goes deeper and adds more context to the business process templates provided in this program designed to build and grow your business in a step by step manner.

Module 4: Positioning For Your Business
In this module, Jay focuses on why and how to implement correct positioning in your business, product or services. This is an important module because most businesses have the wrong positioning or no positioning. With the wrong positioning your telegraph a totally wrong message to the market that you want. With no positioning, you are no different than anybody else in the eyes of your market.

Module 5: Tactics vs. Strategy
In this module, Jay talks about the difference between tactics and strategy. Most people do not understand or can’t differentiate between the two and as a result, they operate episodically. Not understanding and implementing the right strategy and tactics in all areas of your business can result in failure.

Module 6: Re-Defining Marketing
In this module, Jay discusses in great depth the concept that has taken him of 30 years of testing and implementing in over 465 industries, and that is the concept of marketing. Marketing is a skill that is very often misunderstood and under-utilized because it can seem very intimidating and/or abstract. This module will forever shift the perspective on how you use proper and ethical marketing in a way that will position you as the most trusted advisor to your market and everyone else you transact with.

Module 7: The “Three Ways to Grow a Business” Model
In this module, Jay teaches you the key to all business growth no matter what business you are in. This is one of the most powerful models that Jay has ever constructed in his massive body of work.

Module 8: Upselling, Cross-Selling, Down-Selling, Packaging
In this module, Jay describes and explains in detail these very important concepts. He goes into the how, where and why of implementing them to increase your sales.

Module 9: Monetizing, Maximizing, and Managing Relational Capital
Here you will learn the methodology, strategy, methods, concepts, and systems Jay has used to generate well in excess of $2 billion dollars for his clients and himself with no capital and no risk.

Module 10: Consultative/Advisory Selling
In this module, Jay covers a universal concept, one that is applicable in all industries. Consultative/Advisory selling is a certain type of sales process that does not involve manipulative techniques or pushy methods to ethically persuade your market to buy your products and services.

Module 11: Trust Building
This module may define your success probability and how you market sees you, your team, product or service, and brand more than anything else. It is about how to create the connection with your market and team as the most trustworthy, authentic, qualitative and pure representation of their best interest.

Module 12: Practice Accountability
This module teaches you the importance of accountability. If you don’t perform the priorities that are necessary in a timely way, if you don’t follow through, if you don’t deal with opportunities or problems in a proper way, then you are going to limit your success.

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Here Are Just SOME Of The High-Leverage, High-Impact Profit Strategies You’ll Learn

In Creating Your Own Business Success, you will learn:

​How to create a product or service that you sell online or offline — part-time or full-time — with little to no capital invested upfront.
The true path to becoming an asset maximizer for other companies — where you find overlooked assets, hidden opportunities, under-performing activities, underutilized resources or relationships or distribution channels — and you figure out how to make them monetize bigger, better, longer, and share in the revenue.
​The brilliant way to BUY a product or service company and turn it into a cash-producing asset that works hard for you (no risk, no money spent, no worry).
​One amazing method for helping existing businesses grow their profits (and thus their asset value), so they can be sold for a much higher price with you sharing continuously in the increased profit while the current owner controls it… and you pocketing a nice share of the selling price when it is sold.
​How to buy a franchise on a pure performance basis.
​A unique strategy for identifying a successful business in a limited marketing “niche” area… and acquiring the rights to duplicate their model in other parts of the country or the world.
​How to claim “exclusive rights” for other countries or categories — vastly opening up a massive pool of potential profits for your product, service, or technology you wish to sell.
Plus, you’ll even see…

How To Start A Lucrative Career — Similar To How I Started Mine — As A Highly-Sought-After Marketing Freelancer For Other Companies

​You’ll also discover an efficient (and leveraged) process for delivering products to other countries and markets. Note: This is for intermediate level entrepreneurs only.
How to create new profit centers for other companies that you own half interest in (that already benefit from that company’s strong buyer base, brand position, existing operations and infrastructure).
​How to secure rights to licenses, processes, and systems — so you can either sell, joint venture, revenue-share or train other people to do, so you can create maximum leverage in your working life.
​The art of persuasive, effective, and highly profitable dealmaking — with this newfound skill set, you can engineer joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnerships of all kinds… and share continuously in the cash flow resulting.
​How you too can capitalize on your natural skill ability, aptitude or strongest asset to create a lucrative part-time cash flow.
​How to create a mini-empire that can be based on controlling different businesses in totally different sectors and industries — one group of businesses that support and complement each other in one industry.
I believe we can both agree on the value contained in this program, correct?

Companies pay me upwards of $150,000 to $250,000 (sometimes even more) for an entire consultation package arrangement.

And these strategies (which are about to be yours) allow me to command hefty royalties and even ownership in other enterprises that generate millions for me.

By following the steps laid out for you in this program, I guarantee you’ll set yourself on the right path to aggressively generating profits at any rate you choose.

Creating Your Own Business Success is NOT going to cost you $10,000 or even $5,000.

It won’t even cost you half that. I’m making this information as accessible as I possibly can for you.

So to make this deal even sweeter…